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Month: February 2017

MRE Meals Keep Food Handy Without The Hassle

A lot more comes with an MRE meal than you might think. These meals are supposed to be complete and nutritious. They are supposed to be ready to eat and enjoyable. So they don’t just come with entrees, as you get your side dish, bread and something to spread on the bread. Then you get candy, a flameless ration heater, seasonings and your beverage. There are also a few other accessories included, sometimes cream and sugar and the likes and of course you need utensils.

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Are these MRE meals recommended for those times you are out in the wild? When is the last time you heard of a meal kit coming with all of that stuff? You are going to have all the stuff you could possibly think of to enjoy a meal, even if you are in the woods. You can probably think of how these meals can come in handy for so many situations, not just for those military personnel out in the field. They seem like they would be much better than any other alternatives.

How many calories are these meals? Since you know they are designed for the military men and women, you probably aren’t too concerned with the nutrition. You know the meals come with everything, but do they taste good? If you have kids with you, they will probably get a kick out of using these XMRE meals. All the accessories that come with them make the meals really neat for sure.By the way, you can count on the MRE meals having about 1,250 calories, which is a hearty meal for sure. Think about how easy it would be to pack meals for a long hike or camping trip if you just decided to take these meals. They are a no hassle way to keep food handy.

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